A hearty tradition of goodness and greatness since 1909.

We’ve been getting our hands dirty for 106 years and we couldn’t be more delighted about it. We know that grocers, retailers, food service providers and America’s families have come to appreciate produce from Bushman’s because when you’re farmer-owned, and your name is on the label, you’ve got to be great.

Give me the dirt 

Our 3 ingredients: potatoes, onions and loads of integrity.

With extra portions of fruit and plenty of other vegetables. When your Mom said, “Eat your vegetables”, we think she should have said, “Eat your Bushman’s fruits and vegetables.” And, of course, Mom knows best. Ask any retail produce expert and they’ll tell you there are two attributes in produce that matter most – quality and consistency – and that’s the hallmark of Bushman’s. And it’s been that way for 106 years.

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Potatoes for breakfast!


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Potatoes for appetizers, lunch and dinner!


Potato Spice Cake with Caramel Frosting by Ali’s Kitchen

The other day I found myself searching through our home while on the hunt for a recipe my grandmother had given me years ago. I never did find the recipe, and am still quite heartbroken over that. What I did stumble upon, tucked away at the back of a cupboard above the refrigerator, was a pile of cookbooks that I had long forgotten about.


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